鄭 麗珍
姓名 鄭 麗珍
聯絡電話 3366-1256
研究專長 貧窮研究、家庭社會工作、單親家庭研究、兒童福利、社會學
職稱 教授
系所名稱 社會工作學系
學歷 美國Washington University社會工作學院博士
年度 論文名稱
2014 Li-Chen Cheng, How important to provide family support for the ex-offenders on their re-entry adjustment?, Global Social Sciences Conference 2014, Hong Kong
2014 陳玟如、鄭麗珍, 海洛英使用者就醫樣貌 – 我找誰治病?, Global Social Sciences Conference 2014, Hong Kong
2014 李靜玲、鄭麗珍, 臺灣社會救助法歷次修法對於貧窮人口組成的影響, Global Social Sciences Conference 2014, Hong Kong
2014 Chun-Yi Chen, Li-Chen Cheng, Direct and Buffering Effects of Empowerment Among Cancer Survivors, Vulnerable family and Care-Challenges and opportunities in Cross Culture perspectives, Taiwan
2010 鄭麗珍, 探討老年經濟安全準備與理財知能之關連:理財教育介入方案, 預見下一個台灣社會, Taiwan
2009 Li-Chen Cheng, Building Assets for Poor Young People: A Comparative Perspective., "All Change for Young People?" Media, Market, Mobility, Models of Practice., Ireland
2009 Li-Chen Cheng, Global Recession and Assets Disparities between the Poor and the Rich, Asian Social Protection in Comparative Perspective, Singapore
2007 鄭麗珍, 社會工作人員的人身安全議題關注與因應提議, 2007高風險家庭處遇之社會工作者人身安全建構研討會, Taiwan
2007 Li-Chen Cheng, How much is adequate for retirement? It is determined by Social Status, NSC-IIAS Conference: Public and private old-age security arrangements in Asia and Europe, Netherlands
2006 鄭麗珍, 資產累積方案在兒童脫貧之運用, 「別讓貧窮拖垮他─兒童貧窮與脫貧方案國際交流研討會計畫書」實務研討會, Taiwan
2006 鄭麗珍, 家庭機制的轉型與挑戰, 台北市政府社會局50週年回顧與展望研討會, Taiwan
2006 鄭麗珍, 面對少子化與高齡化社會的福利趨勢, 新竹市政府95年度辦理身心障礙者及老人福利研討會, Taiwan
2006 Li-Chen Cheng, Global recession and assets disparities between the poor and the rich in Taiwan: Building Assets for All, Growth and Inequality, held by the 33 International Congress of Schools of Social work, Chile
2005 鄭麗珍, 「台北市家庭發展帳戶」方案發展與儲蓄成效, 2005春季國際論壇•21世紀社會政策新理念, China