College of Social Sciences, NTU


2016.11.15 Institute of Public Affairs: Visiting Social Enterprise Hub

  • 2016-11-18

 Written by/Ruan Jia Ming 


Social Enterprise Hub is located on Jinhua Street in Taipei. The building had been an official residence for Taiwan's premier, and was converted to a base for young entrepreneurs in 2015, during the term of office of Premier Mao Chi-kuo. Besides beeing an entrepreneurial bases for young social enterprises, it also provides related consultation service and resources matchmaking. Furthermore, the Hub encourages the interaction between social enterprises and improves the atmosphere of their development.    

It was our pleasure to meet Associate Professor Wu Chung-Shen, who happened to be discussing a project plan with his partners. Mr. Wu introduced the actual operation of social enterprises, and encouraged students majoring in public affairs to join. Due to their knowledge and understanding on public issues and management, they can apply what they learn to social enterprises.    
Social enterprises has been attached with more and more importance by the government. The government expect that social enterprises could share the burden of our society, but laws and policy on managing social enterprises are not complete yet. Therefore, it lacks contingency plan on resources distribution and integration of  system. This could be one of the direction for the government to improve in the future.