College of Social Sciences, NTU


2016.10.20 I-Sian Lecture: AI Robot and Smart Life, by Professor LC Fu

  • 2016-10-20

 Written by /Zeng, Zhong-Xin 


In this lecture, Professor LC Fu presented a review about the development history of robotics, from 1961 the invention of industrial robot until now.
The invention of the early industrial robot replaced dangerous works like welding and painting from human. In addition, it made the quality of production more precise and consistent. 
Professor Fu mentioned that nowadays, robots has been widely used in different occassions. There are robotic vacuum cleaner, surgical robot for medical use, and even Hollywood has used robots to help with shooting films. Due to the development of AI, social robots will gradually fit in to our lives in the future. As for now, new invented robots like Paro and ASIMO etc., all have the ability to interact with human. They can sense different instructions, and react properly. Pepper, one of the robots, can even make an conversation with human. Besides, medical and caring robots will play quite important roles in our aging society in the future.