College of Social Sciences, NTU


【New Faculty】Assistant Professor.Dejar in Department of Economics

  • 2016-11-07

University of Pennsylvania, US 
Applied Economics-Doctoral

Research Expertise:
Experimental Economics, Labor Economics,
Behavioral Economics



       Thank you everyone for such a warm welcome! I am very excited to contribute to the university to the best of my abilities. I completed my PhD in Applied Economics in 2016 from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. My main areas of research are in experimental economics and labor economics. For example, my dissertation focused on how on-the-job effort depends on past effort over short time periods -- this "Effort Momentum" can also help firms understand the full cost of interrupted work. I also worked on uncovering behavioral mysteries with regard to risk perception over time.

My most recent research is on how limited attention and salience can alter decision making in a variety of contexts, such as shopping for goods online or buying lotteries. I welcome visitors and inquiries, including those from other fields who might be interested in collaborating with an economist. I am also a fan of weiqi and boardgames. My favorite food is currently Japanese Curry, but I am happy to try new dishes. Please never be afraid to ask for help, I will see what I can do.