College of Social Sciences, NTU

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Distinguished alumni

NTU COSS alumni can be found in a wide range of professions in the government, business and non-for-profit sectors, many of whom have become eminent leaders, senior officials, and business executives. COSS alumni include professors, scholars. legislators, lawyers, supreme court justices, government executives, diplomats, corporate executives, and two Presidents.

NTU Distinguished Alumni
Dr. Fredrick Fu (Dept. of Political Science, '56)
Dr. Chen-Hsiung Hou (Dept. of Economics, '42)
Mr. Luo Gin-Ming (Dept. of Economics, '64)

Academicians of Academia Sinica
Yun-han Chu  Sheng-Cheng Hu Cyrus C. Y. Chu  Fu Hu Cheng Hsiao   Chao-Cheng Mai Yeh-chien Wang
 Yeo Chi King  Chau-Nan Chen  Tzong-Shian Yu  George C. Tiao  John C.H.Fei Mo-Huan Hsing S.C. Tsiang  

Career Excellence in Public Service
NTU COSS alumni have excelled on different career paths. Especially worth mentioning is our role in cultivating leaders and talents for the public sector. Two out of the three presidents so far in Taiwan's democratic history are COSS alumni, including former president Chen Shui-bian and current president Ma Ying-Jeou. Between 198 to 2015, among all heads of the administrative branches, over a-third are College of Law gradutes. Among the 152 ministers under the Executive Yuan, 31 of them, or one-fifth, are COSS alumni. 

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